Tuesday, June 08, 2010

whirlwind weekend

friday night we only had one offspring with us: eli. we were trying to figure out what to do. then, out of the blue, we were offered cardinal tickets. four of them. so the beautiful mrs k called up eli's number one girlfriend, sidney, to accompany us to the stadium. turns out her dad and brother are instrumental in the fireworks at the stadium, and friday happened to be fireworks night!

it was eli's first big baseball game. he really liked the stadium and all of the people. the whole baseball thing was an afterthought. however, by games end, he had everyone around us chiming in on his commentary. after the stunning 8-0 win, we were dazzled by the fireworks.

and both little ones were asleep by the time we hit highway 40.

saturday deanna and i took eli for a long ride in the trailer. it was hot and muggy, and of course eli complained a lot. so i just went as fast as i could and took him over a bunch of bumps, which he really likes. later, we went to a graduation party for one of deanna's relatives. and in the evening, we hit the local carnival. again, very easy to get eli into bed.

sunday morning was a treat for me. my good friend Chris is in town and we were able to get together for a nice long ride in the hills. he's used to riding a lot more than i am, so 62 miles was just a nice warmup for him. i, on the other hand, am still worn out. the weather was superb for riding, and we were done by noon. 5000 feet of climbing was sweet!

in the afternoon we hit the pool for a while. well, eli and deanna did. i sat and watched. it was so nice and cool, with such a great breeze, i didn't want to ruin it with water.

and then there was dairy queen.

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