Friday, June 18, 2010

bike racing is a strange bedfellow

after a crappy mountain bike race on saturday, i decided it was time to get started with the tuesday night crits again. i had been doing more duration on the bike over the last two months, and lacked the intensity of actually racing.

it's no surprise then that the heat and intensity killed me saturday...that and a bit of stupidity.

so i went to the tuesday night worlds fully expecting to smash myself with random attacks and efforts. which i did. but somewhere in there, i got a wild hair to bridge up to a promising break. and i made it. anyone who knows me knows i don't bridge. it's just not in my nature. but there i was, bridging.

i suffered for 20-25 minutes in the break. it was awful. i don't know how i stayed in there. i kept thinking about talking to the other guys in the break, asking them to take it easy on me. maybe play the "i'm old" card. maybe offer them money. maybe offer to cut their lawns next week. i didn't say anything, instead i just moaned and grunted a bit here and there.

finally, the real men in the break pulled and pulled the last two laps, leaving me a bit less knackered for the kick to the line. i won the sprint from the break, which gave me second place because some really fast guy attacked away from us with a lap and a half to go.

all and all, i'd say mission accomplished on the smashing myself thing.

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