Wednesday, June 02, 2010

i love this elevation thing

i'm having much more fun with the garmin that i've had with my power meters. maybe fun is not what a power meter is supposed to provide. maybe i'm just a geek for things like this.

anyway, friday before we left on our family camp adventure, i got out for 2 1/2 hours and although i only put in 45 miles, i did some climbing. i took off towards the south west, not quite making it to franks road like i had planned. but, i ended up with nearly 6600 feet of climbing.

today i stayed close to home because of the threat of storms. when i finally looked on the radar, it looked as though they would stay away long enough for me to get in 2 hours. it was not to be. i was poured on for about 30 minutes. i think it's the first time i have ridden in the rain in a couple of years. i was quite unhappy about it, until i realized that i was quite comfortable. the rain had a nice cooling effect, even if it meant i would be squishy for the rest of the ride.

on the plus side, i rode 36 miles and put in 3000 feet of climbing. i worked harder on the last two hills because i was carrying a LOT of water weight.....

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