Sunday, June 27, 2010

what a difference two weeks can make

two weeks ago i was highly disappointed in my race at the state championship mtb race. i rode like nick novice and i was rewarded properly for it.

i did the tuesday night crit after that to shock myself back to reality and somehow came 2nd.

last sunday, things improved dramatically and i came 3rd in a tough field on a tough day of racing.

today, with a very small field of fast guys, i actually won. not only that, but i got an extra $50 for having the fastest lap time! we did six laps of a very twisty course, which was dry and dusty....exactly what i have been hoping for all year long.

life's constant is change. let's hope i can get in a few more good races this year before things go the other way again.

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Chris said...


Way to go buddy! Congrats.