Sunday, June 27, 2010

hot, sticky weekend

the weekend started on friday evening with tyson's baseball game. it was 197 degrees outside and the baseball field was located in some boiling tar pits.

that's a lie.

but it was hot.

on saturday, we made the attempt to attend a little event (sort of a high school reunion type thing) in richmond heights. there was a little league game going on at the location where the event was supposed to be, and no one else in sight. so we ate pizza for lunch and went to see toy story 3. that was a blast and it was nice and cool in the movie theater.

we had nerf gun wars at home saturday night. the key to winning the nerf wars? if your gun actually fires. our guns, and we have plenty, have all seen better days, and nerf guns tend to be sort of balky anyway. just when you think that you've done a killer dirty harry move, your gun misfires and the enemy's gun works just fine. you're toast.

while i went to a mountain bike race in the searing heat, the family enjoyed the upper limits climbing gym. it seems like they really enjoyed that, and none of them fell.

after i got home, we went to the pool. ahhhhhhhh.....and the water was pretty warm. drat. it wasn't as warm as last week, though. then it rained and it cooled off a lot.

and we ate pizza again.

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