Sunday, December 06, 2009

wedding reception, breakfast with santa

we had a wedding reception for angela and darren on friday night. of course there were many festivities, including an arm wrestling tournament. max and hanna went at it for a while. max beat her right handed....
...and she requested a rematch with her "good arm".
and despite what looks like a rules violation, she won left handed. she's got some muscles in that wraith like body of hers.
eli just wanted to take photos. with any available camera. CHEEEEESE!
here i am, giving tyson my best sylvester stallone "over the top" impression. hanna approves.
after a long night of eating and arm wrestling, the beautiful mrs k and i danced for a while.
since we're never on the blog together, i'm putting another photo of us in here.
bright and early the next morning, it was breakfast with santa time. eli enjoyed the fork as much as the pancakes. those grapes? nope. the kid will NOT eat fruit.
i wonder what he is asking santa for? trouble?
arts and crafts time for the kids. except eli, he's dreaming of the toys on the wall that he can't wait to get out and terrorize the other patrons.
this would have been a nice photo, except instead of "that's just right", eli thought i said "open wide." easy mistake.
aren't they cute?? they are pretty easy to direct in photos now.
eli and his girlfriend.
not a bad attempt at a photo with cousins max and gus. max must been tired from the arm wrestling the night before.

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