Sunday, December 13, 2009

ginger bread cookies

the beautiful mrs k was conspicuously absent today during ginger bread cookie making. seems she had to take tyson to a birthday party (and she was probably really tired of all the arts and crafts things the kids were forcing upon her this weekend). so, with these two looking at me like i was the last hope. i had to take one for the team...i had to cook.
and boy, were they happy. this concoction was killing me. it was dry and it tried to fall apart. i had flour all over me. my arms hurt from stirring. it was mortifying. do you think these kids cared?
finally, after getting them out of the oven, it was time to decorate them. one of them was practically DOA...he was all flaky and falling apart. so we avoided him and concentrated on the others. sort of like ginger-bear triage.
eli wanted me to do the first one for him. hanna was working on her own, so i said what the heck and gave eli a bear with sort of an insipid look.
hanna made one VERY happy looking ginger-bear. except for that very large gum drop button on his upper chest. sort of out of place.
eli's own attempt was quite good, really. i totally dig the charles manson-esque eyes. when it was all said and done, eli didn't even like the taste and went into the living room to play with his dump truck.

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