Wednesday, December 16, 2009

new teams, new stuff, new new new

i've went teamless for 2009. it was quite liberating, really. i mean, there was no pressure to perform and certainly no pressure to show up on any given race day. if my black jersey was dirty, i would just wear my white one. or the red one. or the polka dotted one. i rather enjoyed working with whomever would work with me in breaks, and it was nice to know that the responsibility for chasing usually wasn't on my shoulders (although i usually did anyway).

but that is going to change for 2010. i've got two teams, actually. road and off-road. it's very exciting, even at my advanced age. i do intend to put more effort into racing, although i'm not sure how. i won't have much more time to ride, and i won't be able to travel really any more than i did this year. so i guess that leaves the simpler things to focus on, like weight loss. i have about 12 or 13 too many little debbies around my waist. i've been wondering what it would be like to race at, say, 160 pounds instead of 170. i might go a little faster, and maybe i won't look like a bear on a bike in photos.

first to go was all of the chocolate stuff in the cabinets. ug, that's hard. but necessary. next, i eat at least 7 times a day. i decided to cut that to 5. perhaps 3500 calories a day is bad, no? i have no idea how i burn that many calories a day (i only fluctuate 5 pounds during a 12 month period and have been the same weight since age 23), but i imagine if i cut that down to a reasonable 2700-2800 it would bode well for my 160 pound goal.

new, new, new.


Chris said...

Decreasing snacky cake consumption?? That's crazy talk.

You should come out here and we'll do a multi-day ride in the mountains and binge on LIttle Debbies.

TK said...

oooooh, i would love to ride my love handles off for a few days.