Saturday, December 26, 2009

business taxes

this is just a small portion of the receipts, forms, and invoices that i have to compile to be able to do the taxes for pedalbrakepedal. it would be much more daunting if it weren't for a few things.

first, i did keep good records. second, most of the information i need is stored on the web. and third, it's a pretty straightforward business. money comes in electronically, and goes out via credit card or handwritten check. not many other avenues to get fouled up with.

the only issues i really have are deciding where to put what expense. i'm figuring it out, but it will probably take another couple of evenings to get it all straight.

one day, when it becomes a huge empire (!!!!), i will hire someone to do all of this for me!

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Dan Schmatz said...

Don't forget all the super secret little deductions you can take for being in home.