Sunday, December 13, 2009

hiking greensfelder

a cold, wet saturday meant that most outdoor activities were out of the question. except hiking. we took to greensfelder, the actual sight of this years fattire mtb race. the dogwood trail. it rained pretty hard on our way out, casting doubts on the hike, but it stopped when we got there and the trail was surprisingly good.
the crew was dying to do something. it's pretty hard having 3 kids couped up in the house. luckily, it was about 40 degrees.
early on, the boys were good. tyson was a bit hyper, and eli was walking along barking orders. here, i stopped them at one of the cool rock splits.
once we reached the dogwood shelter, it was time for a playground break.
a couple of funny movies of the boys sliding on their butts across the ground after coming down the slides, and we were off. eli got bored and tired and made us carry him the rest of the way. hanna and tyson found a cool rock and asked if they could bring it home.

"if you can carry it, you can have it", i said. and they carried it more than halfway around that course. they kept swapping it between them (we got it home and it weighed 5.07 pounds). going up the last grueling climb to the finish, it started to pour rain. we were lucky to have finished without getting really wet. well, most of us. tyson was pretty grubby from, well, just being a boy and getting most of greensfelder's considerable mud on him.

mission accomplished.

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