Friday, May 05, 2006

wet dirt is mud

this may or may not be a depiction of someone's bike after the thursday night mtb races....

i skipped the tuesday night worlds this week to do the thursday night mtb races. i only have so much time, and with the house sale coming to fruition this weekend, my time was even more limited.

before heading off to the races, though, i joined the wife for her maiden voyage of 2006. she hasn't ridden a bike in about 6 months, being pregnant and all. we just headed down to the river deperes trail and back, about 30 minutes or so. it was nice to ride with my partner again. she is a solid rider and has no real trouble with traffic or road conditions. she's not a complainer and only gets disappointed in her own performance, which makes her a quick study. we plan to do another longer ride on saturday if conditions are good (weather, baby care).

there was a fair crowd at the races again, despite the mud. yes, rain plus dirt equals mud. i hadn't even thought about it. yes, it did rain a couple of days already this week. yes, it wasn't too warm and sunny, so as to dry any of the mud out. still, i hadn't even thought about it being really, really muddy. and I HATE MUD.

again, plochmaster flash showed us the fast way around. actually, it's sort of like he isn't in the race, as he disappears straight away and leaves us to race for second. and there was a pretty good race for second, by the way. bobby underpants, myself, young grant, and jammaster drj bob were fighting it out. i slipped and slided my way to a cool second. an hour race just isn't long enough around here to spread out the current crop of guys. it seems like a real 2 hours is what is needed.

here's hoping for a dry state championships on the 13th!!!

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