Friday, May 26, 2006

busy weekend

i heard something funny on a sitcom this week. something about being cuter than a duck with a hat on. i really cracked up. it just struck a chord with me. when looking for a really funny image of a duck with a hat on, i came up with this one. not as funny as i thought.

we're going to have guests from out of town this weekend. my sister and her husband are going to stay with us. i told them they could use elijah's bedroom, but under no circumstances are they to sleep in his crib. out of the question.

hanna has been staying with us this week. three kids in the house is sort of like a herd of elephants chasing their tails. hanna changes clothes every hour or so. then she changes back. laundry is a dirty, dirty word here in our household. when someone mentions laundry, i feel like curly and the words 'niagra falls'....slowly i turned, step by step, inch by inch...

the rush is 90% finished. i have to hook a longer brakeline up for the rear brake and i'm set. woo hoo, that thing is going to be fun!

elijah has decided that crying is much more important than anything else. so he does it all the time. i wonder when it is a person finally decides that crying, although quite fun, isn't as fun as doing something else, say, eating, sleeping, laughing, playing, etc? i for one, would like this to be learned quite quickly. perhaps today. tomorrow would be good, too.

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