Tuesday, May 23, 2006

hard race at matson

i knew matson was going to be a hard mtn bike race, but daaaaaaaaaaaaaammmn. it was tough. my lungs are still burning from that crazy gravel road leadout. i thought i was going to slow to a complete stop before the top. plochmeister pretty much waved bye-bye at the base, and i thought i was clear once we hit the asphalt road at the top, but not really. i did hit the single track in 2nd, though.

i fought off the charge of whacko's behind me while i was hacking up peices of lung and other vital organ tissue. the first half-lap at matson is down-ish hill, so of course i wasn't going to get too far away. but what goes down has to go up, right? once the course turned upward, in it's grueling, twisting, unrelenting way, i went clear of the pack. i fought pretty hard, but plochmeister still put 5 minutes into my aging, wrinkling, coughing body. i ended up 1:30 ahead of second and third. i even enjoyed the course by the end, and being 1/2 lighter by the end from ejecting flegm is an added bonus, i guess.

kaiser looked good as he came by at the finish. he was the only ultra geezer out there today, as the rest have either catted down to sport or just stopped showing up. maybe the all-ages expert field is not such a good idea, eh??

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