Wednesday, May 03, 2006

oh what a beautiful day!

and i missed it.

tuesday was a wonderful weather day, but i wasn't able to enjoy it. first off, there was work. gotta eat, so i gotta work. my desk is next to the back door, and i have to take trash out, right?? i took a LOT of trash out yesterday.

normally i would be off to the tuesday night worlds after work, but circumstance said that wouldn't happen. i raced twice this last weekend, i want to do the thursday night mountain bike race, and i'm so close to having mom's house on the market that i cannot waste any more time.

the past few visits have confirmed my closet career as a plumber. the upstairs toilet had a crack in the bowl, and it rocked on the floor. since we removed the toilet from the basement bathroom, i had a suitable replacement. upon removal, i realized why the toilet was unstable...the last plumber took some shortcuts. the top of the flange that the bowl sat on had broken off, and the plumber just screwed it into the floor. he was nice enough to include lots of wax so no leaks occured, of course. i used my meager knowledge and got the job done, including mixing concrete to level the floor for the bowl. that baby is stable and flushes like a toilet on a tidy bowl commerical!

i've learned a lot of new things since i've started working on mom's house...i've installed electrical outlets, light fixtures, and ceiling fans. i've used plaster and spackle and how to sand each to a smooth finish. i've sanded and planed doors. i've capped and sweated pipes. installed sinks and vanities. installed toilets. installed porch rails. used concrete, and of course, paint.

if the plumbing work continues, i may have to purchase lower pants, though.

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