Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Lost Valley - KOM on the Venerable Shitbike

Only moments before, I was in a downpour.

I keep stating how much I don't like Lost Valley, but I think reality is that I don't like racing there.  Whenever I ride there, I end up enjoying it quite a bit.  Today I went out with quite a bit of energy and quite a bit of lactic acid in the legs from the workouts over the last few days.  I hadn't quite completed a full lap when the sky opened up and poured rain.  I took it in stride because it only lasted a couple minutes.  Like, maybe three minutes.  Enough to make me cold and the trail slippery.

Then...the sun came out and it became a beautiful night.  I was fine with ending the ride, I was really tired.  In a strange twist, I was also riding incredibly well.  That was confirmed by my Garmin and a nice, long KOM that contained some of the best single track out there.  Further proving that perceived exertion is nearly meaningless.

And I forgot my seatbag.

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