Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Car Watching - Ferrari F12 Berlinetta

 I must admit that my enthusiasm for exotic cars has waned over the years.  Perhaps the idea of fantasy pricing, fantasy performance, and fantasy repair costs has damped my excitement.  But....
 ....a Ferrari is a Ferrari, after all.  Just as a Lamborghini will always catch my attention, it's hard to ignore a Ferrari that parks in the handicap zone RIGHT in front of the store.
 No such thing as an ordinary Ferrari.  This is an F12 Berlinetta.  Made in 2015, this V12 car from the fantasy car land of Italy makes 731 horsepower from 6.3 liters.  Supposedly, it will reach 211 miles per hour and it gets 18 mpg....not that anyone will buy an F12 because it's easy on the gas card.
 It cost $320,000, if they let you buy one.
 Worth it?
 To those that can afford one, probably.
 They can be good investments, if one resists the temptation to wrap their F12 around a pole.
Revel in it's excess.  Just don't call it ordinary.

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