Sunday, October 09, 2016

Car Watching - 1957 Chevrolet Pick Up Truck

I'm not really a truck guy, but even I cannot resist old pick-ups.  Especially when they are done up right.  This 1957 Chevy is just too freaking awesome.
For one thing, old pick-ups are small.  They are not the gargantuan things that lurk the highways today.  And the lines, the body creases, the's like they cared back then.  Today's trucks are only differentiated by the how mean the grill looks.
The cab appears to angle forward, which is my second favorite thing about this truck.  The first is the orange color.  It was like revenge of the pumpkin spice, only better.  Check out the way the sun plays with this paint, too.
Look at those pipes sticking out from underneath the bumper.  I wish I could have heard this thing run!
Another super sweet touch:  the wooden bed slats.  Wow.  The interior was beautiful as well, but taking a photo through the window didn't work out.

Bravo, Mr. Old Truck Owner.  Made my automotive day.

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