Monday, September 26, 2016

Car Watching - 1972 Plymouth Cuda

 It's been a good summer for Car Watching.  A great end to September was catching this crazy green Plymouth Cuda.  I've never liked the term Cuda, just like I hate Stang as a shortened name for the Mustang.  However, this is one bad ass Cuda.
 The paint could draw you in from miles away.  The tight, wide body that is shared in a lot of ways with the Dodge Challenger has always been a winner.  The Cuda is all performance, with a spoiler, cut-outs in the valance for the tail pipes, small hood scoops feeding the monster V8, and a cool blacked out tail light panel.  Check the license plate....
 Great profile.  I'm not a fan of the modern wheels, but all is forgiven because this bad boy is in such good shape otherwise.  The black vinyl roof is not something I usually like, but again...this one is special.
 Not a bad panel, not a bad view, not a flaw in the paint that I could see.  I could snap a hundred photos of this car and not catch a bad angle.
 The business:  440 cubic inches of fury.  One of Mopar's prized engines is the 440.  Technically, the 440 wasn't offered after the 71 model year, so unless I'm wrong on identifying this as a 72, the 440 was added at some other point.  Who cares, really?  Not me. 
Famous name, famous car.  So glad someone cares enough about this thing to keep it in such good shape, and actually drive it.  Wish I could have heard it roar.

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