Thursday, September 22, 2016

New Deck Top in a Day

I have been threatening to do this for a month now.  The horizontal boards on the deck are rotten.  They need replacing.  But you know what?  That's a lot of work for one person.  Even me.  I started this morning around 9:45am, taking off the boards, one by one.
The boards may be rotten, but the joists underneath are good.  Bonus.  However, not only are their 25 boards on the deck's deck, but there are 20 screws IN EACH BOARD.  And a few secret nails, too, which really pissed me off.  By 11am, I had removed 2/3's.
A pile of rotten boards accumulating along my fence.  Oh yeah, that will be the job after the up.  And, getting someone to come pick that shizzle up.
11:30am.  All horizontal boards are removed, including the tops of the railings.  Back hurts.  Mosquitoes are bold and getting bolder.  Time to seal the joists with deck sealer before the new deck goes on.
2:30pm.  Second trip to Lowes for wood.  Car too small to carry 30 2x6x12 boards.  But, I did remember to replenish mosquito repellent.  And, Pepsi and M&M's to keep the body moving.
6:30pm.  Deck is decked.  Tops of railings replaced.  No sealant on the boards yet.  Mosquitoes are beating the repellent, so it's time to call it a day.

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