Friday, September 09, 2016

Brakes for the Fusion

 Old Rotor 

Personally, I have never seen brakes in a car go more than 70-80,000 miles.  Maybe rear pads.  I've never seen front brakes that old.  When I took off the front rotors on the Fusion, I noticed that they are indeed OEM rotors and pads. There are 130,000 miles on the car.
 Old Rotor, Meet New Rotor

It's quite refreshing to look at new rotors and pads.  They are, you know, fresh.
That New Rotor Smell

It's true, the more you do something, the better you get at it.  Front brakes are very simple.  The bulk of the time is spent retracting the piston into the caliper and snapping the new pads in.  Otherwise, it's not hard.

Rear brakes are next.  I dislike those.  Ford rear calipers require a tool that twists the piston back into the caliper.  No big deal, as most Autozone's rent the tool for free.

Not today, though.

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