Sunday, August 28, 2016

Council Bluff, Ozark Trail and SPIDERS

 I got up early.  Got my stuff together.  Prepared myself to ride at least 32 miles on the Ozark Trail.  That didn't happen.  The trail was so overgrown and strewn with downed trees, it was impossible to go more than 100 yards without dismounting.  But you know what the worst part was?  Spiders.  Thousands and thousands of webs and the corresponding spiders.  At one point I had spiders the size of silver dollars attached to my helmet and dangling in front of my face.  I abandoned the Ozark Trail and continued on the Council Bluff trail, but believe it or not, the spiders were even worse!  From now on, Council Bluff and the OT are WINTER trails only for me.
 On the bright side, Satellite radio channel 43, Backspin, kept me happy.
 So good. So funny.
Hard to forget this.

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