Saturday, October 15, 2016

Homecoming 2016

She's 16 and she's beautiful.  It's Homecoming night and she's getting ready at her Grandma's house.
 On our way to take more photos.  She's very good at selfies.
Even more beautiful in the outdoor light.
The backlighting gives her an angelic glow, doesn't it?
Her wonderful dress has pockets.  That shouldn't be such a surprise, but it is.
I caught a few photos of the dress twirl.  This is the best.
 Showing off the muscles.  She is the beauty queen and the athlete.
 Next to the crusty old man.  She's actually a shorty, but she has 4" heels on. Well, I'm not very tall, either.
Hanna and her brothers.  They love her to death, but the photo thing bored them so they played in the trees.
Hanna and Eli. She commented on how sticky he was.  Boys will be boys and girls will be girls.
Hanna and her man Matt.  And, the boys in the trees.
Another great setting for a great photo.  I really like the blonde in her hair.
 Lots of poof to this dress.  And remember that it has pockets.

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