Sunday, December 28, 2014

A Family History of Cars

 My wife found this photo of her father with his mother next to their 1939 Nash sometime in the early 1940's.  That sparked a conversation about his family's cars while growing up.
 I found a few photos modern photos of a '39 Nash.  This one doesn't show the really cool upright grill, but it is a nice example.
 Next up was this.  The 1946 Dodge was a real looker, and this modern photo shows off some of the fine lines and cool grill.
 They also had a GMC panel van from 1948.  It was the delivery vehicle for the family grocery store.  The story is that my mother-in-law had to ride on a crate while being driven was a delivery vehicle, of course! No seats!
 Their next car was a 1955 Buick Special  Now we're talking.  I found this two-tone example on Google. 
 The '62 Buick Lasabre came next. 
Lastly was the 1969 Lasabre.  I remember seeing a lot of these growing up.  I'm pretty sure one of my neighbors growing up had one in a dull off-white color.

I will do the same thing for my parents cars when I get the chance.  They are not very cool, but they are memorable.

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