Friday, January 02, 2015

Final Post of 2014!

 This was supposed to be my last post of 2014, but I was under the weather so it's my first post of 2015.  The first photo is of my two favorite people, Ma and Pa Zimmer at Christmas.
 Eli, reading Christmas stories to the little ones.
 ....he gets easily distracted.  Love the hat.
 Hanna always has a smile for the camera.
 We took Rex for a hike at Laumeier Sculpture park.
 Cool pyramid thing that Tyson would have been climbing on if he had been with us.
 Miniature high rise apartment building.
 Chainsaw-cut Redwood trunk
 The remnants of a very cool swimming pool.  This is my favorite part of the park.
 It was a personal pool, yet it was nearly as big as a public pool.
 The view from the other end.
 The story behind it's inclusion in the Sculpture park.
 Another part I really like.
 Metal sculpture hanging in the trees. 
 A boat-like structure.
 That is a lot of metal.
 Hanna loved the eyeball.  It appears as though this eyeball belonged to a heavy weed smoker.
 Rex was beside himself with all of the other dogs that were at the park.
 Hanna was not down with the mud hut.
 But, she was willing to lend a couple of hands to the armless sculpture.
 Hanna and I at Joey B's.
 Like her hand tattoo?
 Me trying to be serious at New Years Eve.
 Didn't work.
A parting shot with Alex, Michael, Mrs K and I.

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