Friday, January 23, 2015

Car Watching - DeTomaso Pantera GTS

 Ok, so this Pantera didn't come to me.  I spotted it in a little place on Gravois past Bevo Mill.  You all know my love for the Pantera, so we had to stop. The size of the exhaust pipes make me believe that this thing will bring the thunder.
 This was a gorgeous car.  The yellow is stunning, although taking photos with my phone through the glass windows will not show that too much.
 Great body.
 I was able to catch the DeTomaso symbol in the grill under the point in the nose.
 The side view is just as stunning.
 The wing is enormous.  Look just at the tail end of the roof, just ahead of the black wind diffuser...are those what I think they are?
....Yes!  I'm so happy I was able to get a view of the velocity stacks stacks poking up through the engine cover.  If that's still a Ford 351 Cleveland in there, it's breathing pretty well!

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