Sunday, December 14, 2014

Council Bluff Solo Adventure

 Anyone who has taken hwy 21 south and turned on "C" has certainly seen the odd school buildings that look know.
 It's a nicely identifiable landmark on the way to Council Bluff.  Why would they build school buildings that look like this?
 I paid my three dollars.
This was the only moment of the day that the sun poked through.  It punctuated the deserted area.  I was the only soul there, with the exception of the Park Ranger who drove through before I set off.  I did two loops, starting from the boat ramp, clockwise.  I always liked clockwise better, as it was the old XC race direction.  23.4 miles later, I was so glad I made the trip.  Trail was in great condition, with only a few creeks to splash through.  I might go back this coming week, but it will be colder.  Then I will probably do the 12-hour Burnin' direction.

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