Sunday, November 02, 2014

Sherman Beach, Al Foster, Rock Hollow Trail

 Having ridden the day before at Greensfelder, I needed a more mild adventure last week.  I decided to start at the Sherman Beach trail head and spin down to see the new Rock Hollow trail.
 Riding along the Al Foster trail, I was reminded how cool the area was.  This was a familiar sight: the trestle for the little rail road.  We took the kids there before:  HERE
 I found the Rock Hollow.  A nice little sign alerted me to the mountain bike goodness ahead.
 It's a lot of fun.  Lots of bench-cut trail, outlined in many places by rock walls such as this.  Lots of leaves on the trail meant that I had to watch what I was doing.  It pretty much climbed gradually from the start all the way to -
 - this sign.  Of course, I went a few feet further and it looks like it's going to be awesome with a capital A.  Coming down was very cool, too.  Again, I had to be less than awesome myself to avoid splatting myself because of the leaves.
 Further down the Al Foster, more bluffs.  Somehow, I missed the Bluff View trail, which was part of the reason I rode that day.  Hmmmm....don't know what I was thinking.
 I did reach the end of the Al Foster, which I had never done. 
 I spied a little production crew filming some 18th century movie scene.  If you zoom in on the photo, you can see the actor's top hat and the actress's poofy dress.
 I stopped in at the Wabash rail road.  It was deserted, being a weekday in the fall.
 I was bummed that there were no trains in sight.  I am impressed at how well they maintain this little place.  Super cool.  If you have some little ones, take them there some day.
Before I loaded up the car and the bike, I decided to actually see Sherman Beach.  I have seen old photographs from the early 20th century when Castlewood and Sherman Beach were the places to go to party it up in the summer time.  The beach is actually quite large and could probably accommodate a couple hundred people.  I rode down it a ways until it disappeared into the hillside.

Next time I come out, I'll ride the Bluff View.

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