Friday, November 28, 2014

Hiking Lone Elk

 We headed out today, not to participate in Black Friday, but to get some fresh air and exercise.  We chose the Lone Elk side of the Chubb trail.  Rex, Eli, myself, and the Beautiful Mrs K.
 At the bottom of the hill from the Lone Elk entrance, we took the cut off under the railroad tracks to do the Castlewood Loop.
 The tunnel is so freaking cool.  I rode through this on my bike the other day when the trail was dry.  Riding a bike today on the trail would have been a mud bath.  Not so bad hiking, though.
 This tricky little creek crossing befuddled Rex.  It was slick as greased moose poop.
 Rex, fixin' to mark the Castlewood Loop post.
 A view across the Meramec River, looking at the Bluffs in Castlewood State Park.  We could see people milling about on the bluffs.
 Another view.  Upper left is the overlooks at the top of Lone Wolf trail.
 A neat view of the cool houses on top of the bluffs above the Meramec River.
 Mrs K caught Eli and I taking in the view.
Rex and I inside the hollow of the big tree at the entrance to the Castlewood Loop.

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