Monday, October 20, 2014

My Baby and Her Homecoming Adventure

 Hanna and her Freshman co-candidate in the Homecoming court riding along in the Homecoming parade. This was the first time I saw her in her dress.  She was stunning!
 They were riding atop a Plymouth Prowler, a car that somewhat matched her dress.
 It was nice to see that the boys in the Homecoming Court were dressed very snappy and seemed to be having a great time, too.
 Of course, there were super cool cars in the Homecoming parade.
 This Plymouth Road Runner was a beauty, too.  It was a gorgeous 383 car.
 Did someone say gorgeous?
 Hanna and her grandmothers.  These women treat this girl like the Princess that she is.
 Hanna's mom made sure that Hanna had everything she needed for this momentous occasion.
 Deanna and I were very happy to be able to attend.  We also went to the Homecoming football game after the parade...after some Subway sandwiches, of course.
Hanna and her little brothers.  They love this girl.  Who doesn't?

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