Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Car Watching - 1958 Corvette

 I am so fortunate to be able to capture such classic beauties in the parking lot where I work.  They just roll up and present themselves to me.  This 1958 Corvette parked right by the front door.  (I say 1958...to the best of my knowledge, let's say.)  I think the front is the best view of this car.
 This guy is a daily driver.  It is not in show condition at all, but it is in great shape for being 56 years old.
 The trunk has quite a few cracks.  But the bumpers are nice, and I'm a real fan of the exhaust pipes peeking out of the trailing edges of the them.  The 283 V8 under the hood could have anywhere between 230 and 290 horsepower, the latter being achieved with early fuel injection. I believe this to be a 4-speed manual.
 Although the 3/4 view from the rear is not bad. It would have been so awesome to catch this bad boy without the top on.
The interiors of these things take me way back.  If I didn't mind looking like a stalker, I would have gotten closer photos.  This one appears to have a pretty solid interior.

A quick view online says that average prices for a '58 range between $45k and $90k.   I don't know whether to call this example average, but it sure makes an impression.

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