Sunday, October 05, 2014

Greensfelder - Truly a Multi-Use Trail

 Quite possibly the finest mountain bike weather in St. Louis today that you'd find anywhere.  And the trail conditions were perfect!  Except....lots of users.  Not many mountain bikers, although I did see the DRJ guys.  Mostly, horses and hikers.  The horse back riders were very cordial, however.  I had to wait for three different sets of them in the ten mile loop (clockwise, anti-race direction), and nothing but smiles and "have-a-nice-day".  The strange obstruction of the day was on the Dogwood, only 1/4 from being done....35-40 walkers on the trail.   Mostly teenagers, well-behaved, with a few adults thrown in.  That wasn't a bad interaction either, as they were more than willing to let me pass, albeit slowly.  Right now, I own the Strava KOM for that loop in that direction.  I'm sure as soon as Chris Ploch finds out, he'll knock 7 or 8 minutes off that.  Maybe 9.
Let me take a Greensfelder selfie!

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