Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Car Watching - 1964 Buick Electra Limo

 While at Eckert's orchard on Sunday, I spotted this fine 1960's automobile.  I was on the trailer with the family, being pulled by the tractor, heading out to pick apples.  I had hoped it would still be available when we were done.  And it was!  It's a 1964 Buick Electra 225.  Normally a very long car, I noticed something funny abut the rear doors and windows...they appeared to be longer than normal.
 Walking to the front of the car, the plates gave away it's secret.  It's a personal limo.  Something someone might own if they had a private driver to whisk them around in.  I would love to have seen under the hood.  The 401 "Nail Head" V8 is usually nothing to look at, but many of Buick's cars were powered by them and it still would have been a treat.
 This one was completely unrestored, but in good shape...a daily driver, it looked to be.  The interior was passable, and a perfect example of 60's tech.
 Love the individual letters used for the name.
 The rear has a commanding presence.  Very 70's Lincoln-like...only this was 1964.
 My favorite view.  Such strong lines.  Very formal.  You can tell that it's supposed to have skirts over the rear wheels.  Probably removed for convenience, or maybe they had corroded.
The picture that tells it all:  a third row of seats in the middle.  And they folded down to allow the rear passengers to get past.  Wait...aren't minivans credited with this sort of thing?  Well, 1964 called and they want their seats back.  I don't know how rare they are, or if they were an aftermarket creation, but I am thrilled to have caught this thing in the wild.


Mom of Two said...

Ran across this post on google! Love it. We are actually the owner of the car. Thank you for the nice write up.

Mom of Two said...

Thank you for the nice write up. We actually own this vehicle and love it. We drive it to many car shows and adventures.

Tim Kakouris said...

I'm very pleased to have been able to see and photograph your car. It is so eye-catching and unique. Keep up the good work, I hope it gives you many more years of joy.


390Merc said...

A little late on the timeline in seeing pics of this car. Being a fellow 64 owner, I'm impressed to see a 64 Electra in the form of a limo!