Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Sylvan Springs Bubba Cyclocross Race

Thanks to Mike Dawson for the great photo!

I have raced at Sylvan Springs 3 times now, twice last year and once this past Sunday.  I love that place.  The elevation change in that little park makes for some fun races and very interesting courses. 

I'd say this past Sunday was the best course yet.  Hard, yes.  But fun and challenging as well.

And, I pretty much sucked.  I finished 12th out of 25 guys.  I felt like I was going pretty well, but I just couldn't crack the top ten.  But as I always say: It's better to look marvelous than it is to feel marvelous! 

Alright!  Gateway Cross Cup is Sunday and there is a masters class there.  It will be a hard masters class, but at least it will be all old guys and I can see what it's like to race a big 'cross race.

Onward and upward!

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