Monday, October 14, 2013

Bubba Cyclocross at Simpson

Thanks again to Mike Dawson for the fine photos!

The Bubba series started Sunday at the fine little place in Valley Park known as Simpson Park.  I didn't have high hopes because frankly, the course was too fast for my skill set, especially since the Bubba races are Open and not masters.  But after 9 or 10 laps (I have no idea how many laps we did) my attitude had changed.  The dusty switchback corners had become more treacherous and bike handling did come into play enough to make my race pretty solid.  I ended up 9th out of 25.  Not exactly dicing it out for the win, but I did get to spar with some good guys along the way.

And afterward, there was no resting allowed.  I had promised Eli that I would take him to the little skate park in Webster.  So off we went, two boys and their BMX bikes.  As tired as I was, it was pretty fun.  Eli is getting much better on his bike and he was having fun.  It was cool to play around on the various boxes and ramps and such.  All around, a great day!

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