Friday, October 18, 2013

Simpson Park Cyclocross: Chip Asher Photos

 My long time friend and riding partner is also a pretty good photographer.  He wasted his Sunday last week at Simpson Park, taking photos of the A race.  First photo above, and you can see me foolishly sprinting out in the front of the big field of riders.  I will pay for that later. (Right-click on the photos and open in a new tab if you want to see them full-size!)
 Still in the lead, my long time peer and fellow mountain bike rider Sam Moore and I are kicking it!
 Later in the race, I'm no longer in the lead.  But doesn't that Gateway Cycling kit look great with the fall colors??
 Struggling to stay fast on the asphalt.  I can see Rock Wamsley back there, and he is going to pass me.
 Battling it out over the barriers with Matt Davidson.  The whole race I was saying "I can't be beat by a triathlete!" and he was saying "I can't get beat by a mountain biker!"
 I included this one because if you look closely, you can see my body is in mid-air.  Great shot!
And I am glad that's over!  9th place and that's all, folks! Thanks for the great photos.

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