Saturday, April 09, 2011

stomach drama

so rosco didn't get his bladder stones removed the other day. instead, the vets noticed a large mass in his stomach. they went in with a scope to do a biopsy on friday. we won't know what it is until tuesday or wednesday. that makes me very nervous, because it very well could be cancer and that would be bad.

i went to the doctor on friday, too. my stomach has been giving me fits for a couple of years now, and over the last 7 days i have been miserable. i stopped eating at all on wednesday. the doc thinks i might have an ulcer and so i went to the lab for some tests and i'll know tuesday or wednesday, too.

i'll take an ulcer if rosco only has a benign growth that can be removed. actually, i would gladly take no stomach drama at all, but sadly i don't think that is one of my options.

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