Monday, April 04, 2011

20 years ago today

man, it's hard to believe that it's been 20 years. that is a long time in anyone's book. i've always been sad that he never met my kids. dad was gone so far before any of them were born.

he died on april 4, 1991. we had his funeral on april 8, at jefferson barracks cemetery. that so happens to be eli's birthday, although eli was 15 years too late to have met grandpa george.

although i think of my dad often, i have very rarely dreamed about him. i just so happened to have had a dream last night that somehow included him, which i remembered today, which reminded me that it was the 20th anniversary of his passing. a little odd, but i always begin thinking about him a lot around the first of april, so it's not too surprising.

dad, i have a lot i'd like to talk to you about. not that you'd ever say much anyway, but i really miss telling you stuff, and you just sitting there listening. kinda funny like that.


Scott said...

Man... My dad died on March 11th at 5:09 PM on a Monday in 1991. He was only 42(I have that stuck in my memory). I was only 9. Wierd how things work out... or dont. I still remember it like it was last week..... I know you are aware of my mothers recent passing(you posted on my blog, and thank you). Life is weird. Do the best you can and hang on till your time is up. Live life the best you can. It will be over before you know it.... and that sucks....!!! Life goes in the wrong direction.

TK said...

thank you scott. my dad was much older, he was 72, and i was much older, 24. it's never easy.

Anonymous said...

This is kind of coincidental reading your last post. My dad died in Dec of 09, at 64, I was 37. My birthday is April 4, and I really found myself thinking of my pops as well and really wishing he was around to share the day with. Grieving tends to get hard around birthdays. This is Scott in Cape.

TK said...

thanks for sharing, guys.