Monday, April 18, 2011

hospital visit, missed eli's birthday party

so an unscheduled visit to the hospital on thursday nixed my plans for eli's birthday party at bounce-u on friday night. i sent the beautiful mrs k to the party with my camera with explicit instructions to capture my big five year old in action. and this is the best shot i got. at least you can tell he was living it up and having a good time.
and mrs k also got this semi-possessed looking photo of hanna, which i really like. cool shirt, too.
eli came to visit me a couple of times during my excruciatingly boring stay at st. anthony's. he brought along some friends, too. they had some epic battles on the heat register.
some transformer action was in full effect.
and this was my view. i went in for acute pancreatitis, which meant no food or drink for a couple of days. That was no big deal, since i hadn't been eating really for the last week or so. the problem was the IV i had to have attached to my arm the entire time. talk about a pain in the butt. i walked all over the hospital, dragging that damn thing around with me to alleviate the boredom. and i watched tv. and i played on the computer. pretty much, staying in the hospital is the most boring thing i can think of. i practically had to beg to leave on sunday evening. but leave i did. and you know what? now they're not sure it was pancreatitis!

i need a break from the medical community.

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