Sunday, April 24, 2011

easter 2011

easter sunday. always a time of great stress for the little people. here, you can see one of the reasons. there was a "easter egg hunt olympics" course set up in the basement at church. you should have seen the little suckers go after those eggs.
eli bagged a sucker early on. yes, i ended up holding it moments after this shot.
eli sprang into action. here, he is actually sliding out of the frame as he lunged for the bounty!
he was a living terror. eli scooped up dozens of eggs.
....and had to show off his winnings.
a nice shot of the three of us. hanna and tyson were not with us today. we always miss them when they are not.
later, we went to grandma's for another easter egg hunt as well as dinner. here, the beautiful mrs k gives me that smile.
tyson joined up after dinner. after the adults had their easter egg hunt ($5 in a plastic egg is not a bad deal for two minutes of hunting) and again it was off to the races.
eli and tyson frantically search for their eggs. uncle keith did a good job of hiding them. all in all, a great day, despite the rain.

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Dan said...

Glad you're doing well. Hope to see you on the race course soon!