Saturday, January 08, 2011

visit to the old courthouse

going along with our stated policy of showing our kids some culture, we took a trip to the old courthouse downtown. it is a magnificent building.
inside the main dome is a display of 19th century design, architecture and art.
viewing the floor of the atrium from the third floor is awesome.
more views inside the dome.
the iron stairs are amazing. every floor is accessed by at least two or three stairways of this style. the higher the floor, the smaller the stair cases become.
this was an odd porthole from the 3rd floor looking down to a hallway on the 2nd floor.
great view down the spiraling stairways.
the 4th circuit courtroom.
the swinging doors that lead into the court rooms are covered in leather and studded.
almost every doorway in the whole building is large and ornately finished in gorgeous woodwork.
the view up from the west side entrance.

it was a great visit. there were many rooms that served as museums for the different stages in st. louis history. deanna and i learned quite a bit and the kids actually seemed interested.

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barney said...

Yes, I went there with family visiting awhile ago. I was not at all bored but civil war and other history fascinates me. I finally wen the the history museum recently and that was even better. The regular exhibits about Charles Lindberg and the worlds fair are wonderful and the one of Napoleon was worth every penny to view.