Friday, January 14, 2011

been working on the bikes all day

i was off work today, and i knew that meant i had to finish a lot of bike work that i have been putting off. after a good workout this morning, i got busy on finishing the flash 29er. it's my first foray into using stan's rims for my tubeless setup. it was a lot more work than using a straight UST set up, and the tires fit SO damn tight on the crest rims that i don't know how i feel about it. anyway, with a change in bars, stem, post, saddle, and wheels, the bike came out quite nicely at 22.2 pounds on the digital scale. not bad. 21-something pounds is not far away and i think just a change in the boat anchor cranks might just do it.
the second project was finishing up the sette as the extra bike. it's a solid performer and it received the solid parts kit. it's rigid, but as an extra bike it will be fine. it came in at 24.2 pounds, even with the boat anchor wheels.

i also did a bit of work on the strong. it's been on the trainer for a while, so it needed a good cleaning. more important, the shifting has been absolute shit since i built it. for some reason i put it together with an old mavic (connex) 10 speed chain, and after swapping over to an ultegra chain the dura ace quality shifting returned.

rock on.

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