Sunday, January 16, 2011

great mtb ride, a funeral for the tights

you can see the large rift in the buttocks area here:

today i met up with a bunch of bike jerks like myself for a great ride in the cold. in all fairness, no ride in the cold is great. but, it was fun and just what i needed to bring me out of a bit of a funk that i have been in.

i met marc c, kevin ubanks, matt james bitch, big matt grothoff and more team seagal guys at the 'wood. the trails were a mix of dry dirt, snow, packed ice, and fear. i was on a mission whenever the trail went up. i don't know if i have felt that good climbing in the last couple of years. that was tempered to a large degree by the going down part. the ice was grippy in some spots and very slick in others. that triggered my skirt response and i went slower downhill than i went up. it made for a nice see-saw over the 2-plus hour ride. no matter. i rode much better and much longer because i was riding with other people. thanks for the great ride, guys!

on a sadder note, my 15 year old bellweather tights are finally history. the hole that developed in the buttocks has finally gotten too big. when i showed this hole to deanna, she gasped in horror and motioned toward the trash can. RIP, old friend.


Chris said...

Were they see through yet?

TK said...

yes, but i wear cycling shorts underneath, so no cheap thrills for those behind me. yet.