Monday, October 18, 2010

volleyball girl

we took the first part of the weekend to watch hanna play in several volleyball games. she's getting really good and has taken it quite seriously. on friday night, she played a great game. isn't she sporty?? on saturday, she had a big tournament and played 3 separate games, and on sunday she had another tournament. whew! way to go, hanna!!
friday night was parents night, so i was chosen to run the scoreboard. i felt pressure.
this little device has the power to provoke a riot in the gymnasium. lucky for me, i did not make any mistakes. seriously, i had anxiety over it. i was SURE that i was going to screw something up and have a gym full of people screaming at me to get the score right. i exited the building unscathed.

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hanna kakouris said...

good pic lol love you