Sunday, October 31, 2010

Grant's Farm Halloween Shindig

creepy hanna's costume was perfect for the saturday evening festivities. we decided to hit the grant's farm halloween bash. those red contacts were crazy.
the other kids were ready, too. this time, eli was able to wear his darth vader mask. tyson was decked out in harry potter garb.
this scary guy greeted us at grant's station. there were as many people at grant's farm for the night time festivities as there are on a normal summer saturday.
the beautiful mrs k tried darkening her hair a bit, but it was still red. hanna looks very sad, but she was not.
frankenstein was there.
tyson grew bored of the evening, and not even the stocks could make him happy. oh, well.
the stocks made eli VERY happy, even though he could hardly reach.
....and so did the dance party. they were belting out tunes and eli was scorching the dance floor (ground) with his signature moves.

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