Saturday, October 02, 2010

the coolest bike in the house

there are some pretty cool bikes in my house right now, but i think the coolest is the beautiful mrs k's bike. it's a 2001 homegrown pro. i rescued the bike from a life of livingroom queenery from my friend doug. it's a lightly used example. yes, that's a manitou mars fork and it still works!
i ended up swapping on some different parts (naturally) that i had from other projects. the crossmax ust wheels are vintage 2000, from the keyser. avid ti v-brakes. syncros ti post. bontrager xxx carbon bars. it already came with xtr 952 rear derailleur, race face turbine square taper cranks, and shimano 747 pedals.
i love the mostly all-black look with the subtle bass boat blue. i have black posts, but i thought the syncros was a nice touch. i'll have to swap out the white saddle eventually.

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Chris said...

Please tell her that I no longer hold her as high as I used to. It's now higher and she's gonna have to act accordingly. The first one's we got from Schwinn we're awesome (the black and gold metallic) but bass boat blue? That's a frame I wish I had kept. Well that and the bubble gum pink Psyclone. And the flat black anodized Homegrown that I gave to that fookin Blaine Little.

That's a color that I'd do for a custom 29er steel frame.