Monday, October 18, 2010

a day out with eli

grandma and grandpa have been on vacation for a while, so that meant that deanna and i had to do some creative scheduling to take care of the boys. on thursday, eli and i hit the local park. he is a tenacious parkophile, and can spot a playground from a mile away. here, he was pointing at the bobcat.
our local park has a little creek. or maybe it's just a drainage ditch. whatever it is, this visit had a surprising look. i was perplexed at the neon green water in the creek/ditch. at first i was really bummed, thinking it may be anti-freeze from the local rednecks pick up truck. then i realized that there was no smell, so i'm going with the idea that it might be a mosquito control thing.
after running me ragged on the playground, we stopped to watch a daredevil bobcat driver working on the road. he had a 6 foot pile of dirt to move into the dump truck. he was bounding over the top of it, looking almost like he was trying to jump it. eli and i both laughed in amazement every time he did it.
i missed the photos of the jumping, but eli wanted more photos of the bobcat.

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Anonymous said...

The health dept uses green dye in septic systems and sewer pipes to see if they are leaking...clearly whatever they put it in is leaking!