Monday, May 18, 2020

Flat Tires Happen on Cars, Too

I can't remember the last time I had a flat tire on any of my cars.  I know it's happened, but the only time I can remember was like, 1994?  Anyway, I had a flat tire today, just before entering the highway in Chesterfield.  The car was pulling pretty hard to the right and I knew straight away that it had to be the tire.  I pulled over and it was looking sad. I limped over to the parking lot for the Monarch Levy to change it.  I had all of the pretty original equipment tire changing stuff out in a minute or so, and had the tire off in a few more minutes.
An odd flat tire for a car, I think.  The inner sidewall had some weird damage.  Kind of looks like it hit something, but then again there were all kinds of cracks and stress marks all over.  Perhaps the tire is really freaking old, I thought.  You know, because they are original tires with 63,000 miles and 7 years on them?  Nah.
Obviously time for new tires, regardless of the immediate cause of the flat.  Lucky me, my compact spare was a shining, happy little thing, never having been used.  And it's a Maxxis tire, for Pete's sake!  Too bad it was pathetically low on air.  You know that I carry a bicycle pump with me, right?  Right.  So I pumped it up.  My biceps and triceps are so buff now.

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