Friday, June 23, 2017

The Cobra and it's New Fuel Pump

The new fuel pump arrived today for the Cobra.  The install was easy, as you would expect from an external pump.  One thing that is hard to get around: gasoline.  That shit is nasty.  And I don't know how professional mechanics do it, but changing out a fuel pump means you get gas on your hands.  And maybe a little gas on your arms.  Maybe a couple of drops in the hair?  Yeah, maybe.

While I was under there, I spied the inline fuel filter.  "I'm  replacing it" was what I said to myself.  Why get gassy more than once?  Turns out, it was sort of a trick little thing.  After disconnecting it, to my amazement, I saw that it had a glass center section so you can see how the filter is doing.  Not very well in this case because I couldn't tell it was glass.  It was black.  When I pulled it apart I found that it was completely clogged.  I don't know how fuel got past this thing.  Perhaps that contributed to the fuel pump failure?  Now it's clean and clear.

I just had to make a video of this thing running.  Normally it takes a little bit for the idle to settle down.  Normally it even takes a few cranks for the thing to cough to life.  Not now.  I started this video just a few seconds after it roared to life.  Wow, I'm wondering just what was going on with the fuel system because now it's just so smooth.  I'm talking in the background but it's nothing important.

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