Sunday, June 11, 2017

Mom's Birthday

Because nothing says "Happy Birthday Mom!" like a vintage 70's photos with cowboy hats.

I like to mark my Mom and Dad's birthdays whenever they come around.  Truth be told, I was really bad about remembering them while they were alive.  Maybe I feel like I'm a better offspring by remembering them after they're gone.

Anyway, today she would be 84.  We're approaching my Dad's 99th, which will be interesting but not as cool as next year for his 100th.

I've posted this photo before.  I love it.  It's so rich with 70's goodness.  See that green couch?  The weird lamp?  The lighter and ashtray on the wooden coffee table?  How about those fake plants in the background?  This is one of the few photos of our home on West Bruno that's pre-paneling.  Yes, shortly after this they festooned the entire upstairs with dark fake wood paneling that persisted until I sold the house in 2007.  Ah, memories.  Anyway, happy birthday, Mom.

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