Sunday, October 18, 2015

The Newest Area Mountain Bike Trails

Way, way back off of the Al Foster Trail, way, way back from Castlewood you'll find two of the finest mountain biking trails that we have available in the St. Louis Area.  Rock Hollow (or Zombie to those that know the old wives' tales) and Bluffview are amazing little trails.

I say little because they are still fairly short, only a couple of miles each.  Those couple of miles are action packed, though.  Consider Rock Hollow as sort of Greensfelder-like, and Bluffview similar with a little less rock.  Both are out-and-back for now, but there are plans for extensions that a lot of us are eagerly awaiting.

Actually, the trails don't have to be hard to access.  Lots of people go to Castlewood proper and ride all the way back, but you can get there pretty easily by parking at the lovely parking lot off of Old State road or park at Sherman Beach and ride a mile or two of Al Foster.

It's worth your time.

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